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When is it time to say "goodbye"

When is the right time to euthanize a pet?

Your veterinarian is the best judge of your pet's physical condition; however, you are the best judge of the quality of your pet's daily life. If a pet has a good appetite, responds to attention, seeks its owner's company, and participates in play or family life, many owners feel that this is not the time. However, if a pet is in constant pain, undergoing difficult and stressful treatments that aren't helping greatly, unresponsive to affection, unaware of its surroundings, and uninterested in life, a caring pet owner will probably choose to end the beloved companion's suffering.

Evaluate your pet's health honestly and unselfishly with your veterinarian. Prolonging a pet's suffering in order to prevent your own ultimately helps neither of you. Nothing can make this decision an easy or painless one, but it is truly the final act of love that you can make for your pet. 

You are also the best judge of how best to handle these final moments.  Would you prefer to have your pet pass away in the comfort of his/her own home, on his/her favorite bed, or even while sitting in your lap.  These are options provided by having your pet euthanised at home.  Let Doc At Your Door make this last act of kindness a less stressful moment for both of you.

Should I stay during euthanasia?

Many feel this is the ultimate gesture of love and comfort you can offer your pet. Some feel relief and comfort themselves by staying: They were able to see that their pet passed peacefully and without pain, and that it was truly gone. For many, not witnessing the death (and not seeing the body) makes it more difficult to accept that the pet is really gone. However, this can be traumatic, and you must ask yourself honestly whether you will be able to handle it. Uncontrolled emotions and tears-though natural-are likely to upset your pet.

What do I do next?

When a pet dies, you must choose how to handle its remains.

If you prefer a more formal option, several are available:  
  • Home burial is a popular choice, if you have sufficient property for it. It is economical and enables you to design your own funeral ceremony at little cost. However, city regulations usually prohibit pet burials (It is illegal to bury in Charleston County due to the low water table), and this is not a good choice for renters or people who move frequently

  • To many, a pet cemetery provides a sense of dignity, security, and permanence. Owners appreciate the serene surroundings and care of the gravesite. Cemetery costs vary depending on the services you select, as well as upon the type of pet you have

  • Cremation is a less expensive option that allows you to handle your pet's remains in a variety of ways: bury them (even in the city), scatter them in a favorite location, place them in a columbarium, or even keep them with you in a decorative urn (of which a wide variety are available).  This service is humbly provided by Doc At Your Door through several local cremation services. 

It's wise to make such plans in advance, rather than hurriedly in the midst of grief

Please complete the contact form provided for a quote for services and for any grief couseling or questions that you may have.



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